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Drone JS23 Professional 4K HD With Dual Camera

Introducing the New JS23 Professional Drone, a cutting-edge aerial photography quadcopter designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Equipped with a host of advanced features, this drone ensures an immersive and high-quality flying experience.

Key Features:

  • Dual Camera Setup: The JS23 features a dual-camera system for unparalleled versatility in capturing stunning aerial footage. The 4K UHD video capture resolution delivers crystal-clear and vibrant visuals, providing a professional touch to your aerial photography.
  • FPV (First Person View): Immerse yourself in the flight experience with the FPV capability, allowing real-time transmission of high-definition video directly to your compatible device.
  • Brushless Motor Technology: Powered by efficient brushless motors, the JS23 ensures a smooth and stable flight performance. These motors contribute to reduced noise levels and increased durability, making it an ideal choice for aerial photography.
  • Foldable Design: The compact and foldable design of the drone enhances portability, allowing you to take it wherever your adventures lead. Easily pack it into your backpack and unleash its capabilities at a moment's notice.
  • Multiple Battery Options: Customize your flying experience with the choice of a single battery (total weight 332g), dual battery (total weight 353g), or three batteries (total weight 374g). This flexibility ensures extended flight times to capture all your desired moments.
  • Operator Skill Level: Suitable for operators of all skill levels, the JS23 accommodates beginners, intermediate users, and expert pilots. Its user-friendly design and intuitive controls make it easy for anyone to enjoy the thrill of flying.
  • Indoor-Outdoor Use: Whether you prefer soaring through the skies outdoors or navigating through indoor spaces, the JS23 adapts to your environment. Enjoy the freedom to explore both indoor and outdoor settings with confidence.

Fixed Camera Mount: The fixed camera mount provides stability during flight, ensuring that your footage remains steady and focused. This feature is especially beneficial for capturing professional-grade aerial photography.



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