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Mont Marte White Charcoal Pencils- 2pcs Set

  • Mont Marte White Charcoal Pencils
  • Medium Pencils
  • 2 pieces in set
  • Ideal for use on dark or tinted papers
  • Can be used alone or to add highlights to black charcoal sketches
  • Non toxic materials


Faber Castell Black Edition Color Pencils

The Black Edition color pencils have a wonderfully soft and vibrant color laydown thanks to their SuperSoft lead. The high pigmentation of the lead makes them ideal for painting and drawing techniques on light, coloured and dark paper. The ergonomic triangular shape of the pencils automatically ensures the correct grip position and optimum comfort when drawing and painting.

  • Black wood and Supersoft lead: Pure colour!
  • Carbon-neutral production
  • Black wood
  • Supersoft lead for great effects even on coloured and dark paper
  • Colour pencils with ergonomic triangular shape
  • Brilliant colours
  • Extra smooth colour laydown
  • Break-resistant due to SV bonding
  • Wood from certified sustainable forestry
  • Carbon-neutral production


  • Product Code:
  • Pack Of 12 116413
  • Pack Of 24 116425
  • Pack Of 36 116437


Faber Castell Bicolour Colour Pencils Set of 3

  • 3 bicolour colouring pencils with 6 skin colours
  • Shaft material: wood
  • Colouring pencils have an ergonomic triangular shape
  • Can be mixed for a wide variety of nuance-rich skin tones
  • Bright colours and soft colour strokes
  • Product code 116511


Maries Detail Liner Brush For Painting Set Of 5

Marie's detail & liner brush set is great for small-scale projects and detailed art. The thick easy-grip handles allow you to achieve minor details and are suitable for all types of paints ad mediums including acrylic, oil & watercolor.

  • Brushes included are; 5/0 Detailer, 5/0 Liner, 1 Detailer, 1 Liner, 1 Rigger.


Deli Utility knife Metal Cutter 2053

1. Featured - The patterns have been carefully selected and produced by us, and it is suitable for children and teens of all ages.
2. QUALITY - If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the product, just let us know, and we'll be happy to help you out!
3. Color and Size- The actual color may be slightly different from the pictures due to different settings of devices. And please allow 0.1-0.3mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.



Office Stationery Set Paper Clip


  • Paper clip, push pin, binder clip, rubber band
  • Each box contains a paper clip of 100 pieces, a binder clip of 10 pieces, a push pin of 50 pieces, a rubber band of 12g
  • Assorted in 1 tube
  • Anti-rust


Deli Office Metal Scissor 6.5 175mm E6003

  • Made with 100 percent high-quality material
  • Comfortable rubber grip handle
  • Stainless steel blade for durable use
  • Great for both left and right-handed users
  • Perfect for general purpose cutting around the home or office


Deli Metal Office Scissor E06027 175mm

Heavy, Durable Rivet and Most Stable During Cutting
Sleek Design, Soft Touch Handle



Mont Marte Signature Artist Erasers Pack Of 4

The Mont Marte Signature Artist Erasers set contains 4 erasers for all your artistic needs. The jumbo super soft eraser is great for large drawings and can be used to lift off highlights with charcoal or graphite. The hard eraser is perfect for harder surfaces such as tracing paper. The medium eraser is ideal for more delicate papers where abrading may be an issue. The black eraser is excellent when used on black paper and will not leave marks that white erasers have a tendency to leave.


  • includes a jumbo super soft eraser, hard eraser, medium eraser and a black eraser
  • all erasers remove graphite and charcoal cleanly and are an excellent addition to your sketching kit.



  • Mont Marte Graphite products
  • Mont Marte Charcoal products
  • Mont Marte Sketch Pads
  • Mont Marte Visual Diaries White
  • Mont Marte Visual Diaries Black


Lyra Hi Polymer Eraser

Lyra Hi-Polymer Eraser

All the ease of use of polymer erasers, with even more convenience, with dust-free erasers, the residue comes off in strips rather than fine particles. There’s less to clean up after.

  • Clean and easy erasing with minimum dust crumble
  • Easy tear film foil.
  • Brand: Lyra
  • Product Type: Eraser
  • Material: Hi-Polymer


Mont Marte Eraser Pencil with Brush Pack of 2

  • 7mm wood pencil body, 4mm white eraser strip
  • 1.6cm Taklon flat brush for quick and clean tidy up
  • Great for precise erasing and creating highlights
  • Standard pencil body size so you can sharpen with a regular sharpener
  • Ideal for use with graphite and charcoal pencils
  • Gentle on paper to help keep your artwork intact
  • Leaves fewer filaments behind than a regular eraser


Mont Marte Coloured Charcoal Pencils 4pcs

Mont Marte Coloured Charcoal Pencils 4pcs

This set contains 4 earthy colours that have been favoured by the masters for centuries. Originally, sketches were produced as studies for painting. Now, drawing with these materials is recognised as a fine medium in its own right. Capture a wide range of subject matter including still life, landscape, and life drawing with these pencils.

  • Includes a White Charcoal Pencil - Fantastic for creating highlights, and may be used to blend with other colours to create midtones. Try, using this on dark or tinted paper for dramatic effects.
  • Includes a Sanguine Charcoal Pencil - Sanguine is a reddish brown colour very similar to Burnt Sienna. Create warm tones in your sketches and illustrations.
  • Includes a Sepia Charcoal Pencil - Sepia is a brown colour similar to Burnt Umber. Render shadows and make bold outlines with this deep rich brown.
  • Includes a Burnt Sienna Charcoal Pencil -Burnt Sienna is a dark reddish brown colour. Use to darken warm mid tones in your sketches and illustrations.


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